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425 Eagle Rock Ave #657
NJ 07068
United States

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Friday: 7 AM–9:30 PM
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Thursday: 7 AM–9:30 PM

Google Reviews Rating: 5 Stars!

Google Reviews For ZND-2nd Attic-Solution & Insulation's & Roofing Service Roseland, NJ

Name: Charles Allen
Rating: 5
Review: They repaired my roof in one day and did an excellent job. Their response was quick, and they had an unbeatable price. My insurance company covered most of it, as well as an efficient and cost-effective service. I would highly recommend them for anyone seeking fast and economical service!
Date: a year ago

Name: Vicky Petty
Rating: 5
Review: This is among the best company in the industry. My roof was leaking, and they were able to come out the same day and fix it at a very reasonable price. The workmanship was excellent, and they completed all of my requests. They truly understand what they're doing!
Date: a year ago

Name: Michael Lehman
Rating: 5
Review: The installation of my roof was completed to my complete satisfaction, and I would like to offer a review of the business responsible for it. My queries were answered thoroughly and politely by the estimator, who was also extremely professional and helpful. It was easy to work with and didn't cost a lot of money, yet they performed a good job.
Date: a year ago

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